Print With Advanced Filaments | DIY Simple Low Cost Extruder

Introduction: Print With Advanced Filaments | DIY Simple Low Cost Extruder

You can review the first version of atom extuder from here

We designed this extruder to be

- Simple and easy to build

- Low cost

- Compact design

- Low weight

- Small footprint

- Wire management

- Easy to mount

- One active cooling fan for both heat sink and nozzle tip

- Open source

- Can print with various type of filaments


- Advanced filament materials

- Copper, Bronze, Wood, Glow filaments

- Designed to print with flex materials

By following the next 3 simple steps you will be able to build your own.

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Step 1: Prepare the Bill of Materials

Step 2: Get the 3mm Plywood Layout

Step 3: Follow the Assembly Instructions

You can download the complete source file from

We are trying to make our tutorials simple and easy, so please if you found any information were missed kindly inform us.

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    6 Discussions

    seif Tama
    seif Tama

    Question 2 months ago

    hi ^^
    great work but did u think about how to fix it on the printer ?


    2 years ago

    So, the B.O.M. has no measurements and after ordering a few parts that don't work and then using the measuring tool in an STL Viewer, I thought I'd post my findings so no one else makes the same mistake.

    The U-Groove Bearing is a 4mm(ID)*13mm(OD)*4mm(w). I found them on Amazon here:

    The heatsink I'm still looking for, the first one I tried was this one:

    It's dimensions are 50mm(h)*25mm(w). After using the measuring tool, it looks like the heatsink being used 13mm(h)*14mm(w), although you might be able to get away with it being 20mm(w).

    The drive gear is 11mm(w) but I'm using a 12mm(w) and so far it seems to be ok. Here it is on Amazon:


    Reply 2 years ago

    Also the heatsink can only be around 15mm(h).


    3 years ago

    الله ينور يا هندسه واللهي


    4 years ago

    Hi! I was wondering how to 100k thermistor was attached to the 40 watt heater, and in addition, whether there was a certain brand/model of heater you recommended. Thank you for your excellent tutorial!


    Reply 4 years ago

    In addition, the parts list calls for a NEMA 17 motor while the image shows the one you're using as a 16; would either work? Thanks!