Print Your Wardrobe Using Lumi




Introduction: Print Your Wardrobe Using Lumi

On September 7th, we hosted a Lumi Build Night in the Mainframe, Oldenburg's Hackspace. Before the event took place i used the example negative to try to get a feeling of how the dye behaves and should be handled. Since i only had time in the evening, the sun disappeared to early from the backyard i tried to expose the textile and I didn't get a clear image.

Not having time to run another try, I shared my experiences with the other participants and we tried to get it to work. The hardest part, as it turned out, was printing fair negatives. The printer messed up the Inkofilm and we started to use common acetate-sheets to spare them. Some people went out exposing their prints with such a film, and others improved their negatives with sharpies to make them more intransparent.

It was a good experience of trying to get this to work together and experimenting a lot, since we had some problems with our available printer. Lumi itself is quite easy to handle though, if you got good negatives. Also the weather did not play its part very well. It was cloudy and even a bit rainy. We tried to compensate this with longer exposure times and constant checking of the outcome.
We had mixed results, but some of them looked really good.
In a nutshell we had a lot of fun during this workshop and still got resources for another run, where we can use the experience.

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    6 years ago

    Oh das ist klasse! Gefällt mir richtig gut! Gibt es dazu auch eine Anleitung für Laien? ;D


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Auf gibt es ein kurzes Video, in dem das ganz gut erklärt wird. Außerdem gibt es dort auch ausführlichere Anleitungen, z.B. wenn Schwierigkeiten auftreten.