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Introduction: Printach DIY Papercraft Model

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Summer 2015, while showcasing my paper car collection at a local car show I met a board of directors member from LeMay Car Museum who presented to me the opportunity to create a unique car themed artwork for the museum's Concourse d'Elegance benefit auction. I accepted, we decided to use the iconic Lamborghini Countach as the inspiration and this project was the fruit of my efforts. The 30" long Printach model is a tribute to one of the most iconic sports cars in automotive history and a museum which is dedicated to preserving this history using extraordinary showcases. This model was purchased at the auction and donated back to the museum where it is currently on display.

Click here to get the DIY kits to build your own Printach papercraft model.


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Step 1: Instructions

Recommended tools & materials:

Color printer
Cardstock paper, 110lb (200gsm) or thicker
Craft glue
X-Acto knife


Thanks for viewing. Find more of my creative work, news and giveaways at:
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    11 Discussions

    Your job failed. Next time do the printach ghost Start doing it on 6/24/18

    Question: Why you need money for your family? I only want free paper models.

    (Taras Lesko can do this.)

    Later you should make Brian's mustang. But later, as you are probably working on something else.

    1 reply

    He cant make Brian's mustang cause he will do it in 2021

    In next year, i think he will make a Huracan Performante.

    Gimme free printach dagger so I could build it.


    I working on Instructabot Goes to town

    But Im missing wheels. It cant drive with wheels. I'll add it later


    Taras, can you make me a Printach ghost?

    I made the front side of the car... but ill print more pages

    I'm not done my printach.

    does this template provide the whole thing? It is cool, but I don't want to buy it. I'll vote if you give a free pdf or something.

    the car is awesome taras ... but we 2 wish to win a contest... give a chance for us 2