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Introduction: Printed Changeable End Table

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This is an end table, made from printed component "cans."  You can have a new table every day by changing the position of the colors or patterns on the "cans."  LED lights or motion detectors can be placed inside the "cans" for interactive furniture.  If you're having a party, remove the end table glass, add a few "cans" and a different top for a buffet table.

If you want a different pattern, go to my design files and "extrude" some more holes. 

I guess, with enough connectable pieces, one could furnish a place "lego style," meaning the colors and furniture styles could be changed at whim.

Design and print files are available here:

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Step 1: The Accident

My first printed table (a somewhat flimsy affair) met an untimely end.  My 3D printer, furiously infilling something, rattled its table enough for a lamp to fall off. 

The falling lamp bashed my drinking  bird clock and twisted the table supports--so I wanted to build something more sturdy.

Step 2:

I designed two pieces, the "insert piece"  and the end piece.  I could just stack "insert pieces" together, but it looks a little better at the top with an end piece.

Step 3:

Just stack the "cans" together--in the style and position of your choice.

Step 4:

Place a 24 inch diameter piece of glass (available from Amazon or Pier One Imports) on top and your table is ready. 

Of course you could use cardboard, wood or an irregular shape of any material--no limits!

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