Printing on the Ember

Introduction: Printing on the Ember

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This tutorial will run through the ten basic steps to get a design out of the computer and into your hand with the Ember 3D printer.

Step 1: Filter the Resin

Before you start anything, make sure your resin is filtered clean with a straining funnel. Clean resin makes the Ember happy and will result in more successful prints. If the funnel gets a little clogged use your glove hand to kinda mix it through.

Step 2: Attach Build Head

Use the lever above the Print Arm and attach the build head. There should be no resistance if it all lines up correctly.

Step 3: Calibrate Machine

Next we need to calibrating the machine. Trust me its not as technical as it sounds:

A. Use the Alan Key that slots into the print arm to loosen the build head (righty tighty - left loosey)

B. Take the Lever you used in the last step and swivel it back and forth to iron out the the bubbles trapped below.

C. Line up the build head with the Projection Window and carefully tighten it back on.

Step 4: Send the File to the Printer

Now that you are calibrated and ready to print, send the file to Ember and simply hit the right button to proceed.

Step 5: Print and Check

Always keep an eye on your print during the first few layers. If you see little Particles floating around or pieces sticking to the PDMS Window you might have to restart the print. Unfortunately your print will most likely fail if it doesn't have a strong adhering set of base layers.

Step 6: Stare in Awe

After a few hours of magical terminator like technology and precision, there it is, sitting right in front of you. It is almost too precious to touch.

Step 7: Scrape Model Off

Take the Build Head off and Scrape the little sucker right of that bed and set him free. Make sure to only hold the black part of the print head on its side and steer clear of the scraper blade so your tool of choice doesn't impale you.

Step 8: Rinse the Resin Off

It's bath time, this guy needs to be ready for its big day at the casting auditions. Submerge it for a couple minutes in isopropyl alcohol.

Step 9: Finalize the Polymerization

In case it he is looking a little under cooked, lets give him the spa treatment and lay him back in the UV tanning bed for a hot minute. This will ensure all unpolymerized resin hardens fully.

Step 10: Clean Up (resins Get Everywhere)

OK, Hold up now before you leave. Sooo if you did it right, you definitively didn't make this much of mess. But when you are firing on all cylinders to make a series of test on a mini production line of 5 Embers you will most likely feel you're on Top Chef or Benihana.

Step 11: Trim the Supports

Final Step, lets give it a hair cut. Take your favorite pincers and delicately cut away the supports. Take your time here, you don't want to mess up the print after all that by rushing though it.

Step 12:

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