Printrbot Simple Metal

Changes for best print with a Printrbot Simple Metal:

This Instructable refers to the Instructable published by Robosavvy entitled:

How to configure Repetier settings for BEST Printrbot Simple print !

I have successfully used the above info to set up a Printrbot Simple Metal. The following changes should be made however:
Printer Settings: X max=170 y max= 270 area width 230 D=165 H=250

In Slic3 Prnt Settings Configure --> Ext.Perimeter (tick the box)

Step 10 of above: Slic3r --. Fil, Settins --. Extruder

First Layer 200

Other Layers 200

Slic3r: Printer Settings --> General bed size x 170 y 270

Print Center 85 135

Custom GCode : replace start text with the following:

G28 X0 Y0 G29


After starting Repetier Host connect printer with CONNECT button in top left-hand corner of screen. To save time pre-heat extruder by gong to MANUAL CONTROL and HEAT EXTRUDER --. Important - this only works after you have hit the small ON button on th DEBUG OPTIONS line. Then load load your stl file ; place it correctly on the bed, Slice and then print. The above instructions may seem obvious to many but for someone using Repetier Host for the first time and setting up a3D printer straight out of the box (as I did) the information may save some head scratching and/or frustration :-)



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    2 Discussions

    The setting "Extra Perimeter" is not strictly necessary as it only prints a line around where the object will be printed on the plate. This takes a few seconds and a little extra filament. It does however show you if the extruder is working correctly and the extruded PLA is even. The screen shots should clarify things.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you explain "In Slic3 Prnt Settings Configure --> Ext.Perimeter (tick the box)" -- I'm having trouble with this one?

    I found a "External Perimenter First" in the Advanced section on the "Layers and Perimeters" category -- there's a checkbox. But I also see a "Generate Extra Perimeters When Needed" checkbox on same screen that is checked.