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I have a miniature schnauzer with a stubborn attitude. Because of this, giving him a bath is one of the hardest things to do. Just getting him in the tub is hard enough, not including all of his grooming supplies and treats. With the Pro Dog Towel, everything I need for his bath can be attached to his towel so that it's all in one place. I no longer have to gather his brush, treats, and shampoo while trying to keep him from running away.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Here is a list of what materials and supplies you will need,


2x Standard towels

1x Velcro pair (Ours measured to be 4in x 2in)

Magnetic Snap Button


Sewing machine




Tape Measure

Step 2: The First Towel

Now that you have all everything you need, you are going to prepare the first towel. Take the first towel and fold it as you usually do then mark a spot on the top center as shown in the first picture. This will determine where to place the rough side of the Velcro strip.

Step 3: The Second Towel

Now we are going to prepare the second towel. This towel will hold every thing used for grooming your dog. First you are going to fold the towel in half the long way. Then you will measure 32in from the edge, mark it and then cut it. In the end the towel will be 30in long, the 2 inches are for Edging and hemming the cut sides.

Step 4: Make the Towel Shorter

First re-open the towel and measure 4in (the wide way) from the edge. This will make the towel shorter in width.

Step 5: Edge and Hem

Now you are going to use the sewing machine to edge and hem the cut sides. This is so it won't fray.

Step 6: Making the Pockets

Now you are going to measure 9 inches from the bottom of the towel. Mark the point and fold the longer side of the towel until you reach the mark. Your pockets will end up being 9 inches deep because of this.

Step 7: Marking the Pockets

Now you are going to mark where the pockets will go. Put the tape measure across the towel and make tick marks at mark 1in, 6in, 11in, 16in, 21in, 26in, 30in. Now the pockets will be about 5 in wide.

Step 8: Finishing the Pockets

Now you are going to sew on the tick marks along the 9in fold to create the pockets. Do not sew past the 9in so that you have the extra fabric on the top to fold over.

Step 9: Inserting Magnetic Snaps Part 1

Flip the towel over so that the pockets are facing down. From the left side of the towel measure 10in or to the right side of the second pocket from the left. This is to put the snap on the seam so that it doesn't en up in the middle of a pocket. Finally you will put on the outtie snap.

To put on the snap:

Mark where the 2 prongs will enter the material, use sharp scissors to to cut slits where you marked, insert the snap tabs, slide the plate on top of the two prongs, and finally bend the prongs over the plate with pliers.

Step 10: Inserting Magnetic Snaps Part 2

Flip the towel so the pockets are facing up again with the bottom of the pockets towards you. Place the other end of the snap on the left edge of the seem.

Step 11: Velcro for the Second Towel

Now flip the towel back over, with the pockets down. Place fuzzy Velcro side on the second pocket stitch to the left. Then sew the Velcro so that the new seam is aligned with the pocket seam.

Step 12: Velcro for the First Towel

Now take the first towel and place Velcro on the mark that was made in step one. Then just sew it to the towel.

Step 13: Conclusion:

I hope you had fun with this. You can easily modify the number and size of pockets as you wish. Getting a towel with an interesting design that fits your dog's personality can also make it fun. And I hope that bath time can be less stressful for you and your dog.

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    4 years ago

    Very clever idea! :)