Probably the World's Easiest Lighting Project

Unlike my previous projects, this one is extremely easy and anyone should be able to complete it in under a minute, whilst the effect is stunning!

Step 1: Items Needed

  1. A nice lantern, although if you don't have one, you can improvise with some nice wine bottle, flower vase, large jar etc.
  2. LED string. You should be able to find this in many home decor stores, especially in the upcoming holiday season. However, if not, you can always order direct from China for something around $2-3.50 from the place I got mine: p.s. you might be tempted to get the colorful LEDs but in my opinion the 10m/100 LED warm white string should work best for this project.

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly? What Assembly?

Just carefully unroll the LED string and loosely "fluff it up" inside the lantern, bottle etc.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Switch off the room lights, switch on the LEDs and enjoy a romantic evening.

The effect is really stunning compared to the effort one had to undertake to achieve it.

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Question 9 months ago

Great job. I really like that square lantern with the scroll work corners that you used. Where did you get it from?

2 answers

Reply 9 months ago

I wish I knew where to find them now. This one was bought at a small local home decor store at a liquidation sale (they went out of business). They had a couple and to this day I'm mad at myself that I only bought one as it is truly one of the nicest lanterns I have seen, not only the scroll work, but also the curved glass etc.


Reply 9 months ago

bummer .. i guess ill just have to check the liquidation centers in my area and cruise the last of the yard sales for the season.

If I find any I'll let you know :)


9 months ago

Nice lantern. I made something similar using mains lights some years ago. Wrapped them around a candle though, so you've the best of both worlds.