Problem Animal Snare Trap


Introduction: Problem Animal Snare Trap

This is a snare trap that i use for smaller game such as rabbits and birds.

Step 1: Items You Need

The items u need are very simple to get and are not very expensive if u already have a good knife\

1)Some kind of cord u can tie a good, strong knot into I used bank line (what people use to set bank poles)

2) a good sharp knife

3)somewhere to set your trap

Step 2: Tie the Loop

In this step u tie a loop to put back over the end of ur line

1st Picture: Just fold one end of ur line down to make a loop

2nd Picture: (Isn't very good) Take the loop and tie like u do for the first step in tieing ur shoes u know criss-cross. Pull tight

After u get ur loop tied put the other end of the string into the loop and u should have a snare

Step 3: Setup

Go to the place where the animals are causing the problem and tie the open end of the line to a strong anchor.

Next dig a hole (within reach of your snare) big enough and deep enough for your prey to get their head into.

Next bait the bottom of the hole

Next make your snare sit just on the inside of the hole.

Now wait check every 2 - 3 hours



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    24 Discussions

    Blurry pictures, just saying

    great idea! tried it but cought nothing, any ideas? also what should i use for bait for squirles?

    I'd be really interested in knowing how to do this but I have no idea what is happening in this step. I get that I'm looping one end of the rope over and tying it. . . somehow like tying shoes. How does that make a trap? Am I making some kind of noose? More or much better pictures would be great and a more thorough description is needed here.

    I inherited a knife exactly like that one from my grandfather. Unfortunately the handle had become brittle and fall apart.

    3 replies

    looks like a ka-bar or a sheffield and the handle is made out of leather rings you could take it to a blade smith or a tack shop an have it repaired

    that rope is way too fat. the animal is going to be on to something

    1 reply

    ... i've built tons of trap. for the best results, i'd use a figure 8 on a bight and feed the running end through. as far as digging a hole and leaving the rope in the hole doesnt seem very effective. animals are smart. with a snare, you'd need a load bearing mechanical advantage system. i prefer a black plastic 55 gallon drum on a pulley system. bending trees over is very unreliable and more difficult than running a garden hose up the tree. I had use nearly 400 feet of hose to our auxiliary wale. as far as the triggering system, you have to use an anchor. i use a 5' stick about 3" thick driven nearly all the way. as far as the triggering system, simply use a clovehitch to attach a pin between the working end and the load bearing end, near the anchor and wrap it around the anchor once. you can notice that you should be able hold the load by holding the pin in place with one finger if set up at the right angels and such. take a thin trigger pin (2' long stick) and run it to hold the load pin in place using another stick rammed in the ground. i use a long knife i paint hot pink to 'disarm' the pin from accidentally yanking off a finger. that is a basic crash course on catching uncle bill from finding your moon shine still.

    1 reply

    I am trying to catch a dog that has been loose for awhile in Florida. Would this trap work on a quick dog, and, if so, can you help me with some pictures or a more elementary explanation of how this whole thing works. I get the idea of the 55 gallon drum trapping the prey, but can you simplify it for me. Thanks, I appreciate it..

    Yeah you can BUY food.
    Sure, go do that, we dont care. People like this dont belong in instructables anyway,
    And when you "buy" food, its exactly the same as killing the animal and cooking it yourself. Its just that the meat is already cut up. You seem to think that when you BUY food it just comes out of nowhere, that people made the food from crude oil or something.

    the animals will see that rope and will not, for the most part, go anyway near it. if you use that you might catch a rabbit that doesnt have alot of sense. to make an effective snare you need 3/32 cablefor normal animals and 1/8 inch cable for hogs and the like. in alot of states, here for example what you showed isnt even legal.

    I've found the most effective trap I've ever used was an intestinal chain. Ill likely do an instructable on it when i have time. but you could prolly figure it out on your own, you might like it, its pretty effective for birds, less so on rabbits, but kinda ok.

    the rabbits will just chew right though this!!! get some good trip wire or something, it's not expensive