Problem With the TR18




Introduction: Problem With the TR18

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I'm not sure if other people have this problem too. I'm also not sure if other people already found a solution to this. But it's such a little effort for me to point it out so here it goes:
I was having a problem with the trigger, everytime I pulled it fell out of it's shaft as shown in the picture. I found a  simple solution to this, a small rubberband tied around it. Just look at the pictures if you wanna know more.



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    Ok, that's just wierd. cause I never had one problem when I built mine the first time around. Other than than that Idk,that kinda sucks though. I guess it's just you and the the other people who had a design flaw.

    your problem could b a result of worn pieces
    over time pieces on the TR will ware down w/ repeated use
    same thing w/ anything in this world
    so to ensure your TR is working as best it can replace key pieces when needed
    it sounds like u need a new trigger assembly
    the old one is probably worn out
    if u r ever having issues w/ your TR just ask me
    i can probably help u out or anyone else for that matter lol
    here r some pics of more recent TR mods
    the TR posted by Hydr...something is an older not as efficient version of my lasted version TR
    notice the trigger contains less pieces which allows for more pull however i highly recommend new to newer pieces for the trigger assembly
    new turret insides are designed to attach the turret assembly more securely to the gun
    tan clips r used to hold the trigger band in place and r also used on the turret to hold the mini firing pins in place
    that way if u need to replace a pin u don't have to remove the entire turret from the gun brake open the chain and bla bla bla now all u have to do is snap a new piece on not to mention the tan clips are much sturdier and less prone to breaking than the gray cons originally used
    the pic i have of the firing pin is pretty much what i use however i tend to wrap the band around the black ball socket con a bit more and then add a layer or two of etape around the whole thing to keep the bands in place
    if u do make the firing pin like that it shouldn't break on u even when dry fired!
    it works amazing!
    anyway i need to take some more recent pics of the TR but im lazy and these mods r pretty up to date so try em out and your gun should perform flawlessly!
    good luck

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    i also had that problem, i did the same thing 2. lol but another problem with the yellow conector always breaking off when you pulled it no mater how many bands were on the triger or ram, i tried switching the yellow conectors, glue, ruber bands, everything, this was on my friends gun, hes not into knex much but i built him a gun anyways and i had 2 design a whole new triger system for him

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    Mine never did that, I guess its because the TR pin makes grooves in the gray connector that blocks the barrel when fired, and that makes the trigger lock on the pin and its stuck in there with the orange connector.

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    Yeah, I found out that it´s because I used a ball joint instead of a grey connector because hiyadudez and Knex pls said it worked better

    Well then you must have made the trigger wrong, or not put strong enough bands on it. It worked for me, and pretty much everyone else.

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    please don't say that, I checked it twice, just look at the picture, If you can see a mistake tell me. Also the problem can't be the rubberband, it's not even connected to the part of the trigger we're talking about

    You need to put strong bands on it. Also, you need the new trigger mod on, look at my TR18 ible, and look at the mods page at the end. Look at the pic with the trigger.

    Yeah, I tried, that didn't work either, It works now because of that extra band so it's not a problem anymore, I just wanted to help other people...
    my guess is that it would work with a grey connector though, but knex_pls and you said it worked better with a ball joint so I used that.

    Kinda useful, I think.
    But the thing is that I didn't have that problem with the TR-18.
    I also like your mods man, nice!