Process for Calibrated Animation

Introduction: Process for Calibrated Animation

In this video, I show how I made an immersive piece called the phase of the pause in 2012. It was a sculptural installation consisting of an object field on the ceiling and a projected animation. Viewers stood or lay down underneath this installation, looking up at the mass above. The objects on the ceiling--a jumble of foam, acrylic tubing, ropes, steel, plastic, glass, studio tools, wallpaper, window blinds, fluorescent light bulbs, food coloring, sheet metal, rust, even a lemon wrapped in electrical tape--were in total darkness until the animation began. At that point, a line of white light began to follow the contours of an object, slowly revealing colors, textures, and shapes, until it erased itself back into darkness, skipped to another area of the ceiling, and then filled in that space with light. The animation looped after 30 minutes.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I am so impressed. It is unlikely that you were able to hear the explosions erupting in my mind while I watched this video, but trust me, they were loud and long. A question: were people in the audience viewing the process of calibration, and do you see this as existing in what refer to as a "Performance Art"?

    BIG Thanks!