Process of Blow Glass




Introduction: Process of Blow Glass

The blowing glass is a technique used in handycrafts. The glasses can be blown pyrex and recycled blown. Pyrex glass is more resistant than other glasses. Glass can be recycled as many times as necessary.

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Step 1: Materials

- Broken Glass
- Steel tube of 1.50 mtrs.
- Steel table
- Tweezers

Step 2:

The glass melts at a temperature of 1 600 °C.

Step 3:

The hot mass of glass is cast into a steel plate to mold and give it a semi-cylindrical shape to the mass.

Step 4:

The air is been blown through a tube to begin expanding hot mass of glass.

Step 5:

With special tools are used to remove the piece of glass.

Step 6:

The neck of each piece manually is marked, using the tips of the tools to leave an opening where the globe is blown.

Step 7:

Sometimes used a hemispherical mold to speed up the production of parts, in this step, the craftsman, continuously blowing glass mass so that it expands to the limits of the mold of figure.

Step 8:

The mass of hot glass is out of the furnace when it is cooled 10 ° C by  second, therefore it is important to re-heat to keep taking their viscosity, to continue the transformation process.

Step 9:

The craftsman is using the metal plate to support it and further expand the glass to the required diameter of the work piece.

Step 10:

All pieces of glass that have been blown and cooled are rectified and monitored for quality control.

Step 11:

Then they are placed in the boxes for packing and protecting them from all sides with paper, to prevent the glass it broken.

Step 12:

Then stored for delivery.

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