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I created an improved version of this project which can be found here:

The basic idea behind this project is that it is a simple addition to your workspace that encourages focus to help an individual work on their task with less distraction. An added benefit is that it also serves as a brain trainer with extended usage. Though this is just going to be a picture instructable sharing the basic idea of what I did and the concepts behind how it works, I am working on a more complete step by step instructable that go more in-depth. This is just so that I can share the general idea and hopefully give most people enough information that they can build it themselves. Also, this is the first prototype of this idea so there might be some bugs, but I intend to keep working on it and I will update this Instructable as soon as I can!

The way it works is the individual wears the headband from a Mattel Mindflex to measure the amount of focus they are maintaining. The individual then places a clipboard framed by 2 intense led strips under their task at hand. Then whenever he or she loses focus the lights will flash on, immediately redirecting the individual’s attention back to the task. This serves to not only inform the individual of their loss of focus, but also to instinctively redirect their focus back to their original task, allowing for more efficient work.

For this project I used
-A Mattel Mindflex
-A piece of Plexiglas (as the clipboard)
-A relay
-A reed relay
-2 9v batteries
-4 AA batteries
-A nightlight
-An extension cord
-A piece of cardboard, some wire and a tube of paper
-Blue led strips

For the build I just placed one end of the paper tube on the red focus indicator light on the mindflex, then placed the night light photocell in the other end. Then I hooked up two wires to the night lights led leads and connected them to my reed relay. Then I place the reed relay into a circuit with the 4 AA batteries hooked up to my larger relay, so that when the night light turns on it will open the reed and subsequently open up the second relay. Next I wired the 9 volts together and to the two led strips, and then placed my larger relays into that circuit, so when it opens, the led strips turn on. So when all finished, what happens is as long as the red light in the paper tube with the night light photocell is on (because you are focused), the strip lights stay off. However once the red light turns on and the night light senses the darkness in the tube, it turns on its light. This will then open the reed relay which will open the larger relay, which opens the strip lights circuit and turns them on. To use, you just put on the mindflex headset, turn on the mindflex and plug in the night light and start working!

- This workspace also can be used to help an individual with ADD/ADHD focus and improve focus.
-You can customize your acceptable amount of focus by placing the paper tube on a different led (on the mindflex).

See it in action at :

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