Produce a Tea-tasting Cup by 3d Printing

Do you want to create a CHINESE STYLE cup and experince to drink tea as a ancient person?Let's made a cup like this!

Download any 3d modeling software(I establish it by Fusion360,because it ocupy little space) Open Fusion 360,click SKETCH SPL Print your curve according to the picture.

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Step 1: Draw a Axis

Click sketch print a straight line according to following pircture.(tips:try to find an accurate place to pring line.)

Step 2: Rotate

Click”creat” “rotate” choose the outline

choose the axis as the straight line just now.

Step 3: Design Flower Pattern

click “SKETCH”--choose a centre place to draw a circle ---click “create”--”stretch”(any length)

click "create"---"array"---"ring array"

choose the straightline created in step2."number"parameters can set as "ten" or another number as you like.

set operation as "shear"

tool set as ten column created just now.

you can get a flower pattern like the picture.

Step 4: Add Some Word to Establish Atomsphere

Step 5: Export You Model and Slice Up for 3d Pringting

click files --3d printer-- export the model in stl format.

connect the 3d printer .click print and wait for a time.

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    2 months ago

    What about health concerns? I haven't been able to find a clear answer to this ("nothing is 'clear' on the Internet, it seems..")

    Does anyone know a project here for how to make filament from coffee grounds and then spray it with something/use a binder that would prevent it from *smelling* like coffee? (search doesn't seem to find anything)

    Coffee-smelling coffee *cups* - maybe wanted. Coffee-smelling 3D printed dinnerware, furniture, housing materials, etc.. Not so much.

    I'm looking for a demonstration of waste recycling possibilities for our talk-but-do-little "progressive" city council. (Trying to shame them..)

    Jimw338DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 2 months ago

    Does anyone make a PolyJet-type metal printer? Basically "SLS-without-the-dust-mess/nightmare"?