Professional Blowgun and Dart - Pierce 1/2" Plywood **Video**




I've seen a lot of blowguns here. Although I liked some, none seemed suitable for serious use. This one will easily penetrate 1/2" Wood, is effective hundreds of feet away, and is highly accurate.
Video here!
How to Make a Blowgun
Of all the projectile weapons I've used (and that's a lot), the blowgun is definitely the most instinctive to shoot. This very simple tool can be picked up by a total novice, and be turned into an astonishingly powerful and accurate weapon in one afternoon. If you think of blowguns as being toys as I once did, you have the wrong idea entirely. No, the dart doesn't have anywhere near the brute stopping power as a sling or rope dart, but it has entirely different properties making it a highly effective weapon:

A blowgun can be used to deliver poisons, is effective more than one-hundred feet away (sometimes much more than that, depending on the user), is completely silent, and delivers its dart with shocking velocity.

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Step 1: Materials

~10' Electrical Conduit ($1.99 at hardware store)
~ Plastic Film Canister
~ Candle
~ Wire Coat Hanger
~ Duct Tape
~ Something to cut metal
~ Grinder/Sand paper
How to Make a Blowgun

Step 2: The Barrel

The electrical conduit will be the body of blowgun. You could use PVC pipe, but it sags, necessitating compensation during use. If you're up for a real challenge, get some wood or bamboo and hollow it out. Your blowgun should be 4'-7' long. The longer it is, the greater accuracy and power will be achieved, though the harder it will be to maneuver. I chose six feet since I used the other three feet for a different project (and because it will deliver plenty of power and is still easy enough to handle). Cut yours to length of choice. Be sure to sand or file any rough spots left from cutting as this may cut you or interfere with the path of the projectile.

Build a Blowgun

Step 3: Mouthpiece

Now, a mouthpiece is needed. I chose a plastic film canister because they're recommended and I had one within arm's reach. You can also use crutch tips, pill bottles, or suction cups. To turn a film can into a mouthpiece, cut a 1/4" hole in the center of the bottom of the canister. Hold it an inch or so over a flame until the entire bottom is evenly shiny. Now, push the canister over the electrical conduit slowly; the hot plastic will expand around the conduit. Make sure that the hole stays centered as you slide the can on, and then allow it a few seconds to cool. Slide the can back, and at the end of the conduit, wrap about 2' of electrical tape or (1/2 width) duct tape. This will prevent the canister from sliding off the end. Now, slide the canister to the stop, and make another stopper on the other side. The result is a firmly attached, thermoformed, air-tight mouthpiece!

Making a Blowgun

Step 4: Dart

Now you need something to shoot. Wooden or bamboo darts are fine, but because of their low density and mass they cannot fly as far as steel nor penetrate as deep. So, I recommend that from an all-wire coat hanger, you cut out the middle straight section which is about 15" long to use as a dart. Then, make a cone (perhaps a neater one than is pictured!) out of duct tape which fits around the dart. Place the cone into the conduit, and mark with a Sharpie where it meets. Cut at or just beyond this line to make a properly sized cone. Slide this on, and affix with a generous amount of duct tape (as is shown in the photo). This cone will both catch the air which propels the dart, and stabilize the dart during flight. On a grinder, or with sandpaper/file, grind the tip of the dart to a sharp point.

How to Make a Blowgun

Step 5: Shooting

Time for some fun! Insert the dart through the mouthpiece and into the blowgun barrel. The cone should fit snug enough that the dart won't move without your breath, but loose enough that it can fall forwards if the blowgun is tapped on the floor vertically. Simply bring the mouth piece to your mouth, take a large breath, and try to let it explode into the barrel - continue exhaling until the dart has entirely cleared the barrel. Don't worry about accuracy until you've gotten that part down. When it's time to aim, simply point the blowgun at your target and blow. Since it is aligned in the center of your face, aiming couldn't be any easier. All that must be learned is how the vertical angle at which the blowgun is held changes as distance to different targets changes (since projectile path is parabolic, you will need to aim higher for further shots). After this several-sentence crash course, teaching yourself should be no problem. Enjoy :)
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How to Make a Blowgun
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3 years ago

how is the dart made


3 years ago

Reckon i can kill pigeons with this?

For a barrel, i used 3/4" PVC (5' of it), but i find that my darts are lacking velocity. Is the barrel to wide for my lungs? or should i work on the darts?

Any suggestions would be great

1 reply

4 years ago on Step 5

nice, but that's not plywood.


6 years ago on Step 4

Or u can pound the tip flat and then cut a point with pliers

black hole

7 years ago on Introduction

I recomend that anyone even slightly interested in shooting these things watch the Cold Steel videos. This is just a demo. Lynn Thompson is deadly accurate.

7 years ago on Step 3

or you could flare the conduit over a cone and roll the edges back like a real badass.

wana know what's awesome to use for tips? tungsten tig welding rods. expensive, but the heaviest projectile you can shoot out of a blowgun effectively.


7 years ago on Introduction

I made a blowgun that can go 50ft more with deadly darts that can break glass and an accurate sighter.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

yes but the sag in the pipe will throw your aim off

and the inside is not as smooth or as hard so it scratches easyer.


8 years ago on Step 2

i have a 4 foor cedar walking stick that would be perfect for this.


8 years ago on Introduction

in the last picture it looks like you shot it into a piece of redwood, not plywood. redwood is very soft. nice design however.