Professional Box: Hot Plate With Timer for Morning Coffee

Introduction: Professional Box: Hot Plate With Timer for Morning Coffee

About: I don't have much of a budget usually to create my stuff... so i usually base my creation on recycles and reuse of old stuff, useless stuff and transformations!! I do this naturally, the creation of tutorial...

Let's start with some explanation: I'm italian, this means that for me the moka's coffee, or the espresso, are vital in the morning, i don't know if in other country you need as much as me the hot coffee in the morning... but here's something the DeLonghi sell in the stores: (it has a timer, a ringtone, a watch, you set it to make you the coffee the time you want it)

Here's something i've done starting with this tools and parts:
- An electric hot plate.
- A voltage dispencer with timer (the one you put on the socket, that can be setted to switch on in particular hours)
- A Solderer with some tin
- Lot's of time to waste

With this materials i've done an electric hot plate with a timer that i can set at any hour i want.
Usually this hot plate (with timer setup) remains on for about 2 minutes, it's enough to heat the plate for about 15 minutes, the ammounts of time the coffee needs to come up from the moka (about 5 minutes) plus other 10 minutes that keep me the moka warmed for me to get up and drink it!! :)

Then i was thinking... this timered hot plate occupy a lot of space, plus i need the coffee, the cup, and everything to stay in the same place and i can't waste a part of my desk for it...
So, this is what i've done next:
- A shoes' box
- A pair of paper tubes, from the blotting paper rolls
- A piece of pakaging styrofoam
- Some glue
- schissors and cutter
- Other piece of box (from an old PS2 box)

This morning i start working on this box, that can keep all of the stuff i need to make my coffee ready in the morning... and this is the result.
It's been a while since i made this hot plate with timer, but since the box and everything i didn't thought this was much of a deal... but then, looking at it with his box and everything i realized it really was a good job!! :) also if done with regular stuffs XD for something even a little bit embarrassing.

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