Professor Light Bulb

Introduction: Professor Light Bulb

Step 1: The Light

Professor light bulb runs off light. So..... You will need 5 light bulbs for this project. Make sure they are white.

Step 2: The Face

A face is needed for the professor. DUH!!! Grab 3 K'NEX roller coaster pieces and connect them all to form a circle like this..... O

Step 3: The Mouth/EYEBALLS

All professors need a mouth. JUST LIKE YOU!!! Grab 3 more K'NEX roller coaster pieces. And connect 1 of them In a circle. Do that with another one. And then bend the 3 piece to the shape of a mouth. It should look like this. :) not :(

Step 4: The Power of the Professor

This is where my friend gets his power. Take the 5 light bulbs and carefully slide them into the outer ring of the face do they hold in place. Make sure the bulbs are evenly spaced out maybe 4 or 5 apart.

Step 5: Connecting the Pieces

Now this is the fun part. Take the two EYEBALLS and place them inside the face. Then take the mouth and place it underneath the two eyes. And VWALLA you have PROFESSOR LIGHT BULB!!!

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