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 This instructable is on a ghillie suit.a ghillie suit is camouflage at its best . Military snipers use ghillie suits to hide in fields forests and other vegatation . I have seen a  few other ghillie suit instructables but i wanted to make my own . 

Step 1: Materials

 You will need a few things to make a ghillie suit 
a piece of burlap big enough to wrap around your body 3 times
camouflage pants(i didn't want to make my nice camo pants ghillified so i made a par of pants)
camouflage shirt or jacket
camouflage hat
netting with 1 inch spacings(cut up a baddmitten net)
 fabric dyes(that blend into your surroundings)
hot glue 
hot glue gun
lots of time

Step 2: Getting the Burlap String

 To get the string from the piece of burlap you need to pull it apart string by string
Once you have all the string cut it into thirty or twenty inch strings then you will be ready to dye the string . 

Step 3: Dye the String

 Pick your colors . 
For a lush green forest pick green dyes ,  for an area that has dead leaves on the ground pick some browns ,  for a field pick tans . Pick colors that blend into the surroundings where you want to use it . 
I picked olive green and a plain green because I want to use it in a forest 
Dye your burlap your colors . 
Take the burlap out at different times to give it different shades of that color . 

Step 4: Attach the Netting

 The netting is what the burlap strings attach to .
Lay the clothes your using out flat on the ground and lay the netting over it and cut the netting to the size of your clothes . 

Make sure to cut netting for both sides of your ghillie suit if you want to make a full body ghillie suit , 
if your a sniper and lay down a lot only cut netting for the back . 

Step 5: Attacch the Burlap

 This is the most important step of making a ghillie suit . 
To attach the burlap grab 3 or 4 strings at a time .  Bend them in half so they make a long u shape .  Place the u shape under a string from the netting , fold the long u  in half with one half under the nets string the other half over . Pull the ends through the loop at the end and do that to all the string . 
Make sure your colors are spread out . Meaning don't put all the green in one place and all the brown in another . 
I'll add pics soon . 

Step 6: Good Job

If you made an entire ghillie suit you have you should be very proud . 
Ghillie suits are proffesional tules used by real snipers . 
Some ideas for what to use your ghillie suit for:
hide and seek 
Remember ghillie suits are supposed to be 40 percent burlap and 60 percent natural vegetation . 
Please send me a pictures if your going to make a ghillie suit and links to other ghillie suit instructables .



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Reply 3 years ago

You may need to go to several stores or order online to get all the colors you need. Most supermarket, sewing and craft stores carry a small assortment of colors.


Reply 3 years ago

wal mart craft or laundry section, Michaels craft store, fabric store or large gtocery store laundry section. its called RIT dye or fabric dye

Handy Gamer

3 years ago

Thanks, Halloween is coming up, so i decided to build this, and i'm starting tomarow


3 years ago

Any new pics of your suit?


3 years ago on Introduction

for people from other countieswere fishing nets are eligal you can saw the burlap directly in the pants and use the net from the ting you use to catch small fish wen ur abroad the net on a stick sorry I forgot wat it is on English

You could also use Shogoo that works really well so I have heard. Thank you for simplifying the instructions for me. I am going to be doing this with my best friend for a school project

kicker109 is right use hot glue on the corners or waxed flost in an x pattern. Sorry i didnt get back to u i had no idea that mmy instructable was posted sorry

kicker109zack attack

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Because unlike hot glue (im using this method because i dont have much time to spend) it wont come undone easily and "Kill" the look of it, i chose waxed because moisture wont hold in it and rott if you know what i mean.


4 years ago

Any info on the netting? I mean does any net work? If you must use ghillie webbing an ible about making it would be great...