Proffessional Photogrophy Tips

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This is one of my old but best photos and this will be a short instructable. In this instructable I'm going nto help you with your photography skills. Now always know the center of your photo you're taking. In the next step I'll show you what can help.

Step 1: Proffessional Photogrophy Tips (Four Line Cross Setting)

This help you pinpoint the areas what of you want to take a picture of and usually digital cameras have this four line cross setting. Next step, how to use it properly.

Step 2: Proffessional Photography Tips (Brights and Darks)

Look at the center of the photo. What is the first thing that catches your eye or pops out more, if you said the edge of the wooden bridge that's what should catch your eye first. The brightest color is what usually catches your eye, now go back to the image with the lines and the bridge is in the bottom right box, never keep the brights in the center of thre photo unless you know how or doing it a certain way.

If you thought something else pops out more than the bridge leave a comment of what you thought popped out more.

Thank you for reading this instructable, and thanks to this awsome website.



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    That only depends on what you are taking a picture of like say your taking a picture of someone, don't use that technique it's best for scenic photos. I say only do it differently unless you know what your doing or doing it a certain way.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Excuse me, but still I don't understand what this Instructable is about...