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Introduction: Profile Gauge - Quick, Dirty, Cheap

I am making a shelf that must sit against the wall in our apartment and fit around the molding.  This requires a profile gauge, a tool that I don't have and probably am not going to use very often if I buy one.  Inspiration struck when I remembered that I have some stick skewers in the kitchen and that corrugated cardboard fits these sticks almost perfectly. And thus my first instructable is born!

1. Get some bamboo skewers

2. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to hold your skewers

3. Stick to skewers through the cardboard

4. Cut off the excess cardboard

5. use your new gauge to transfer your favorite profile
a. Press the sticks against your profile
b. Carefully move to your workpiece without letting the pins move, then draw around the sticks. 

-Problem- no locking mechanism  in the gauge means that the sticks are loose, this is not a problem for this use, but you may want to tape the gauge a little tighter for more heavy duty applications.

Tip - if you can find a thinner stick and pack in more you will have a more precise gauge. 



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    Worked super well for me! I added strip of packing tape along the cardboard first, which helped it from splitting apart when inserting the skewers.

    From cheap, common materials and one simple picture said it all. Brilliant! Thanks!

    Maybe angel hair pasta could be used - perhaps.

    I like it, but I would probably never use it. And I can't vote against myself...