Program an Atari Game

Introduction: Program an Atari Game

This is a simple way to make a quick and fun game in Visual Studios

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Step 1: Creating 1st Interface

To start this off you need the Microsoft Visual Basic Program. If you don't have it, it's a free download from the Microsoft website.

Anyway, to begin click New Project. Then name it what ever you want. I named mine AtariBreakoutGeniusProject

Now to start your GUI

1st go to your Properties tab and make sure they look like they ones from the first 3 photos

2nd Go to your tool bar and drag on two Labels. Make them look like the pictures above

3rd do the same with the buttons

Step 2: Creating Credits Screen

To start go to Project > Add Windows Form

1st make the size the same as the first GUI

2nd Add labels for all the information you want to display

3rd create and name a return button

Step 3: Creating the Main Game

Create another form like last time

1st make it the same size

2nd add and name labels for how many boxes you want, the scores etc.

3rd add a "ball" and a paddle

4th go to Components (in the Toolbar) and click and drag a Timer. Make all the properties look like the picture.

5th add labels and buttons for the menu. Don't forget to set their visibility to False

Step 4: Coding the Game

Start by double clicking on each GUI to open the code window\

!st copy the first picture's code into the Title's Screen

2nd copy the second picture's code into the Credits' Screen

3rd copy the rest into the Main Game's Screen (note: The code to make the rest of the boxes disappear is the same with just differences in name, location etc)


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    3 years ago

    Looks like fun!