Programming Arduino With Cell Phone


Introduction: Programming Arduino With Cell Phone

in this tutorial I will teach how to program arduino using cell phone

U will need

OTG Cable



U can buy OTG online

Step 1: Connecting Board and Cellphone

connect the mhl pin to cell phone

The female USB port goes into the USB cable for the respective arduino

U r now just powering the board so I can use ur cellphone to power it projects

Step 2: Programming Ur Board

this method only works in some cellphone

But in my case this method works

Go to Google play store and download the app arduino

U can upload codes and power the board as well



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    5 Discussions

    as u can see my arduino pov display on fan

    i have used this technique itself for altering the text and speed inorder to display accurately

    will try to send u a video asap

    The first image from step 2 - What is the program pictured on the right?

    Does it have anything to do with this project?

    It looks like the old AppInventor. Thanks!

    Wow!, that's great. This just might be the nudge for me to get a smart phone. Thanks for sharing.


    2 years ago

    The first image from step 2 is from ur phone?