Programming in Scratch.




Introduction: Programming in Scratch.

This tutorial will show you some programming useful in programing your own DDR style game.

Step 1: Before Starting You Need to Have...

1) Before you start this tutorial make sure you have done the tutorial for putting sound and graphics.

2) You need to have four sprites. One for the alien body, head, and legs. Another for the arms, and another for the instrument.

Step 2: Observation of Already Made Programs.

If you go into the Scratch program that you downloaded for the Noah1194 gallery and go into the alien sprite, you will see five programming start blocks. Three of them start with the command "when I receive". Those three commands say if my key is received and pressed, then the alien will switch costumes, an awesome sound will be played, and points will be increased by one. Or if the key is received but not pressed, then the points will decrease by one.

If you go into the stage sprite, you will see a programing block starting with the "when flag clicked" command with many blocks after. In this program it has three "if" blocks inside of a huge "forever" block. What that big program chain is saying is, pick a random command, either right, left, or up. For each left, right, or up command there is a program inside of it saying broadcast it and play the voice command.

Step 3: Observation of Already Made Programs Continued.

If you go into the guitar and hands sprites you will notice that their programs all include a movement. As you see when you play the game, the guitar and hands only move. There is no voice command or "when key pressed" command in those programs.

Step 4: Finishing.

That's the basic programing involved with the DDR game. Feel free to edit the code to make it your own!

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5 years ago on Introduction

I am on scratch. What is your username on it? Mine is rudy3983


10 years ago on Introduction

 I <3 Scratch. They should make a more advanced version called Claw. :P Check out my tutorial too! You might learn a trick you didn't know before.


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Scratch is a great program where you can make animations, games, stories, and more. It is still in Beta so you can download it free at If you are new to Scratch I recommend that you start with the racing game tutorial! Have fun with Scratch!


11 years ago on Introduction

I"m the bomb @ scratch look me up "Zurich"


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

 Cool, you're Zurich? I'm timothymh (bet you couldn't guess... :) )