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Today will be over again, but I still haven't finished lots of my job. How could I manage my time? Make a progress bar for a whole day, then you can see how long you have spend today.

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Step 1: Meterial Parts

Step 2: Laster Cutting

This step mainly uses acrylic optics, and to create even and gentle light effect.You can use any other material you like to make the same effect.

Step 3: To Stick the RGB LED Strip and Arcylic Together.

Step 4: Fix the Frame by M4*10 Screws and Nuts.

Repeat this step twice, then you can get 3 "octopus".

Step 5: Fix Electronic Modules and "octopus" Together.

Step 6: Fix Step2 and Other 2 "octopus" Together.

Step 7: Wiring

Now, we should connect all of the electronic modules, just as the picture shows below.

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Step 8: Code

Step 9:

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This looks really cool. If you have a video, you should embed it.