Project BOX K'nex Ball Machine




My smallest Ball Machine to date. Also, this is my final tiny ball machine. From now on, I go bigger (no pun intended).


Red Rods: 3
Yellow Rods: 20
Blue Rods: 197
White Rods: 58
Green Rods: 100
Blue 3D Connectors:20
Purple 3D Connectors: 103
White 8-Slot Connectors: 39
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 56
Green 4-Slot Connectors: 6
Red 3-Slot Connectors: 19
Orange 2-Slot Connectors: 7
Gray 2-Slot Connectors: 1
Gray 1-Slot Connectors: 9
Tan/Brown/Orange Tabbed Connectors: 2
Motors: 1
Balls: 1
Blue Bearings: 7
Silver Bearings: 5
Gears: 4 Red
Chain Links: 35
Black Y Connectors: 2
Total: 695 Pieces

Step 1: The Center Frame

This is where the lift will be located.

Step 2: The Wheel Side

This side will hold the wheel later on.

Step 3: The Other Side

This side will hold the other stuff.

Step 4: The Top Gear

This part will support the chain.

Step 5: Mini Thisorthat

This part decides where the ball goes.

Step 6: The Micro Ramp

This leads to the Wheel.

Step 7: The Wheel

This part spins. Build, take out a blue rod, then put in the Wheel. Replace blue rod.

Step 8: The Ramps

These two make the ball drop.

Step 9: The Chain

This part has 35 Black chain links.

Step 10: Usage

Fix this part.

Add ball, Turn on.



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    102 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 9

    is this big or small chain links beacus i only have small if so can u give me links to where to buy some big ones

    2 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    ebay or but get the standerd from knex those are the one you are looking for not the other ones the other ones are small


    9 years ago on Introduction

     dont know to build this or immueble??? i know il build both!!

    If he made it into a larger version it would defeat the point of it being small which is what it is meant to be. If you want to build a large ball machine, find an Instructable that actually shows how to build a large ball machine.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I built this ball machine a few days ago. Every day I've added at least one more different path/element. My final addition, which I'm working on now, is a double helix lift. The basis, obviously, is the Project BOX Ball Machine.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Do u think u could take better quality pictures? 4 me it was kinda hard 2 understand at certain parts...