Project Benchtop - Cheap Workstation for Instructables

Introduction: Project Benchtop - Cheap Workstation for Instructables

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This is just a quick overview of the work station I created for making all the interesting instuctables on this site. My dad (who's a carpenter) helped me do most of it with his plethora of tools. It's basically just a sheet of melamine with a wall of pine around the edges to keep screws and other small pieces on the bench. The melamine is tough and durable, and washes away most stains, and the pine has handles cut out as well as holes for my soldering iron cable and other power leads to get out of, rather than looping them over the walls. 
There are tons of other work stations like this, but all of them are tables and none have anyway of keeping small bits and pieces off the ground and on the table. This way I can drop it down on any surface or other table and also be able to pack it away when i don't need it, both upsides to creating a new table. It was also a hell of a lot easier to make.

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    That's very clever. In fact you could put locater blocks on the bottom and make multiple stacking units for several ongoing projects. You could even set up your own assembly line with a different box for each step in the process. They could even be made of heavy cardboard if you don't have a wood shop. You can add small shelves or bins to hold parts or tools.
    Great idea! So simple. But very, very versatile.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great Idea. Wife likes to do bills etc in different spots of the house! Paperwork all over, now she will have a portable desk that keeps it contained!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds great, maybe post some photos to let us see how yours turns out!