Project Cozy Drop

Introduction: Project Cozy Drop

This instructable is intended to show how to design an aparatus that will allow for an egg to be loaded and dropped from the height of 8 ft onto a hard surface without cracking.

Materials Needed:
Foam Core
Pipe cleaners
Tissue Paper
Poster Board (4" x 8")
Rubber Bands
Scotch Tape
Wooden Sticks

Step 1: The Egg Carrier's Foundation

First, cut out five equal sized pieces of foam core that is about 5" x 4".

Step 2: Connect Wooden Sticks

Near the bottom of the four sides of the foam core bases, attach give wooden sticks. The placement of the sticks should match up with the foam core side across from it.

Step 3: Rubber Band the Bottom

Use a rubber band to fasten the bottom foam core piece to the surrounding sides. Loop the rubberband around both sides so that it makes an X on the underside of the foam core bottom.

Step 4: Weave the Rubberband Through Foundation Sticks

Now that the bottom of the base of the foam core box has an X shape with the rubberband around the foam core, unfasten the middle wooden sitcks and weave them in and out of the rubberband. This step should ensure the box is now one piece.

Step 5: Tape Box Sides

Use scotch tape to adhere the four sides of the foam core together. The goal of this step is to give some stability to the top of the foam core sides so that they are one solid piece top to bottom.

Step 6: Weave in Pipe Cleaners

Use an x-acto knife to cut five small slits in the top of each foam core box side. When the holes are cute, thread pipe cleaners from one side of the box to the opposite side. Repeat this step by cutting another line of slits underneath the pipe cleaner slits on the side of the foam core. Now, instead of using pipe cleaners to thread, use cut up rubberbands to weave across the foam core sides.

Note: the rubberband will need to be cut with scissors so that they resemble a string rather than a circle. Five rubberbands should be enough to fortify the nest area.

Step 7: Fill Box With Tissue Paper

For added insulation and protection, put tissue paper below the tangled web of pipe cleaners and rubberbands.

Step 8: Fasten Pipe Cleaners to Top of Box

Use an x-acto knife to cut one small hole in each of the four box sides. Thread a pipe cleaner through each hole with the resulting slack in the pipe cleaner allowing for the pipe cleaner to stand straight up Each pipe cleaner should have an equal amount of slack because they will be fastened to a parachute that will need to open evenly to allow for drag (air resistance).

Step 9: Create Parachute

Find a medium size cooking bowl and place it on top of a flattened piece of tissue paper. Pretend that you are wrapping this bowl with tissue paper, creating pleats with scotch tape around the sides of the bowl as you create a mushroom -like shape with the tissue paper around the bowl. When the bowl's sides have been covered, use scissors to trim off the extra tissue paper above the rim of the bowl. Remove the bowl to reveal a taped together, mushroom shaped tissue paper parachute.

Step 10: Secure Parachute to Pipe Cleaners

Use Scotch tape to secure the pipe cleaners to the parachute.

Note: Make sure the four pipe cleaners are evenly distributed so that the parachute will ideally fall directly downwards. As a tip, it helps to shorten the vertical length of the pipe cleaners to assure that they remain taught and don't cause unequal distribution of air flow in the parachute during the drop. Also, the parachute below is white on the outside because I made the parachute two layers. The green layer is underneath the white layer in a effort to create more reliable air resistance.

Step 11: Create Egg Loader

Cut out a 4" x 8" piece of poster board and roll it together like a toilet paper roll. Secure the ends with scotch tape. Use an x-acto knife to create two slits on each side of the toilet paper roll shaped poster board. Cut out a small 1" sized strip of poster board to thread inside of the slits on the opposite sides of the roll. The end result should be a periscope shaped looking object that you can load an egg into.

Step 12: Secure Egg Holder and Load the Egg

Secure the periscope looking egg holder to the middle of the Cozy Drop apparatus using rubber bands on each side. Use spare tissue paper to help load the egg into the top of the secured periscope looking egg holder. Now you're ready to go for an 8 ft drop.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    The same pic on its side has given me a stiff neck and its very repetitive. You can use software like Irfanview to rotate pics right way up before uploading to this website. All the pics are from the one side only, Im sure folks would liked to have seen the inside of the box too and not just the right hand side.