Project G (Knex Ball Machine)





Introduction: Project G (Knex Ball Machine)

This is a ball machine that I made through a period of like a week. Didn't really spend that much time on it. It's not very dense at all because I don't have many pieces.



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    you say you dont have a lot of peices?!?! I wish I had as much as you!

    Well when you see my knex collection, it will make you feel like you have 20k parts. Seriously, its super small (for now at least, Im getting a huge shipment of knex later on)

    OMG that's a lot of knex! Where'd u get it? How much did it cost u? I'm looking to get a lot too..

    About half of that was off Ebay, and I got a very, very good deal. I got half of all of my Knex for around $10

    Over all how many pounds of knex do u have? I'm thinking about getting 38 pounds for $70 is that a good deal?

    Hey Jollex. Nice Ball machine. I have only around 1,000 pieces but when I get more I will do something