Project Grad Sign: LED Acrylic Graduation Sign




Introduction: Project Grad Sign: LED Acrylic Graduation Sign

Create a LED graduation sign!


Step 1: Materials, Tools, and Programs

1 sheet of 20” by 30” piece of wood (.125”)
1 sheet of wood 36” by 24” (.22”)
LED controller
Battery holder
1 piece of clear acrylic 10” by 20”
4 10-24 3/4” screw
4 10-24 1” screw

Epilog Laser Cutter
Wood Glue

Adobe Illustrator

Step 2: Finished Product

This is a graduation sign for my sister’s graduation. It will be used so during the lei giving portion people attending the graduation will be able to see her sign and know where she is. I made it so her sign wont be a regular boring sign but vibrant and intresting. It is made of a wood sheet base. It also consists of an LED acrylic sign and laser cut components.

Step 3: Starting

When beginning, you must start designing your sign in a diagram. Diagraming includes demension, placement of components, and a general idea. This must be done first to start.

Step 4: Cutting the Base

- Using Adobe Illustrator design a simple cut out of the size of your picture.
- Cut it out in the .125” wood. For me my base was 20”by 30”

Step 5: Wooden Frame for LED

To attach your LED sign to the sign you must screw it in. TO get your sign to light up you must create a housing to hold the LEDs. The LEDs mus be flush (lights are on the side going through the sides) So create a housing using the .22” piece wood. This will be cut using the laser cutter it will be cut 2 dimensionally but will be attached to another piece, like its self, to give it depth and stability.

-Design it in Adobe Illustrator
-Make sure it has a 2” clearance for it to attach to the wood base
-It must also fit your acrylic sign flush and make sure you account for LEDs in the space.
-Also account for a clearance on the acrylic sign, around 1”, so the acrylic can attach

Step 6: Acrylic Plaque

After getting the design for what you want your acrylic sign to say:
- Account for it to fit in the wooden base
-Design it on Adobe Illustrator
-Use whatever shape and lettering you want to appear on the sign and laser cut it
Leave a 1” clearance at the bottom to attach to your base
I wanted to use a simple rounded edge rectangle with my sister’s name in the middle. Very simple.

Note when designing you must turn it backwards. You will be etching the design in the back of the acrylic so the front is clean and shiny.

Step 7: Assembling the LED System

Once you receive your LED components, start to assemble them. Solder the parts together so the leads corresponds to the ports in the LED controller.


Now you have all your components complete. Start and installing your LEDs to the wooden frame. Than using your own preference screw in the frame along with acrylic into the base. Attach your batteries and controller using velcro. Than from her on out add a pole or more features.

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    2 years ago

    That's a fun sign! It was really nice of you to make that for her :)