Project Ingrid – Turns Your Chair Into the Pilot Seat!




Project Ingrid is the first Internet-connected gaming controller that allows you to control VR applications and games by simply tilting your body while sitting in your favorite chair.

Powered by Intel Edison platform it uses load sensors along with custom device driver that allows it to be used as a controller in existing application, such as racing games or flight trainers, sitting position and posture monitoring and even Segway simulator!

Healthcare applications include enabling office workers to be more productive and healthy by monitoring their posture and track time spent in their office chairs; signaling when the posture is incorrect; tracking weight.

It can also be used as a biometric authentication system – our research shows that everyone has a unique pattern in the lower body mass distribution, this allows to uniquely identify a person by analyzing this pattern as he or she sits on the chair.

Step 1: Breadboarding

Ingrid uses some 83-vintage 2ch operational amplifiers found in the garbage that are connected to 4 load sensors from the $20 bathroom scale. The rest on the breadboard completes Whetstone bridges in the load cells which only have half of it. Breadboarding is fun!

Step 2: Assembling

To make a base a piece of ply wood found in the same garbage pile has been cut with a laser cutter. Lasers are fun!

Step 3: Writing Software

Eugene wrote a device driver communicating wirelessly to Intel Edison and making the game thing that Ingrid is just a joystick. He said it was fun to work with Intel's new platform!

Step 4: Testing

All of our beta-testers were able to get used to the new way of controlling a game in a literally a minute. They found the process very intuitive and delivering a lot of fun!



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