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I wanted some footboards to go on the Dragstar, as the old one had them. They go, second hand, for £60 to £70 if you're lucky. So I went an alternate route with a pair I got off ebay very cheap :D

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Step 1: Project Footboards - Plate Clean Up

Second part of the series - Deconstruction of the footboard, removal of the plate and its clean up.

Step 2: Project Footboards - Main Plate Preparation

Third part of the series - Cleaning up the footboard and preparing it for fitment.

Step 3: Project Footboards - Primary Fitting

Third part of the series - Removal of the original footpeg and Fitting the main plate for the first time.

Step 4: Project Footboards - Fixing the Bolts

Holes drilled, now to fit measure and fix the bolts.

Step 5: Project Footboards - Weather Proofing and Pad.

Weather proofing the wooden spacer block and cutting out the rubber pad.

Step 6: Project Footboards - Paint and Final Construction

Painting, fixing the two plates together and fitting the rubber pad.

Step 7: Project Footboards - Final Fitting

Bolting the finished footboard to the bike.

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    Nice build! You know you could break your videos up a bit with some text in between enticing people to watch each video. Might help you get more views. Thanks for sharing!

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