Project N.A.S.A

Introduction: Project N.A.S.A

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Well. This is my first Knex Instructable hopefully you'll like it. N.A.S.A stands for Nick Awesomes SideArm. The instructions might be hard to follow so ask questions if you don't get something. The gun shoots grey connectors

I got a range of around 40 ft with 6 of those skinny dollar store rubberbands (the rubberbands had already been used to).
I personally think it looks cool
It's very durable
It has a 12 round mag
The top part of the body can be used as a sight
The handle can be used as a secondary mag

Whatever you think is wrong with it, criticism is welcome

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Step 1: Mag Pusher and Ram

This is the mag pusher and the ram, build!

Picture 1: The Mag pusher
Picture 2: The Ram

Step 2: Main Body

This is the body of the gun.

Picture 1: Build six of these
Picture 2: Build this
Picture 3: Put the pieces in the previous images together like this
Picture 4: Build two of these
Picture 5: Place the two pieces just constructed on both sides of white rods (you can probably tell what im talking about from the picture)

Step 3: The Trigger

This is the trigger the 2 rods next to it will be needed for installation

Step 4: The Mag

This is the guns magazine

Picture 1: You need to make 2 of these
Picture 2: Also make 2 of these ( the green rod and two white rods sticking out of the top are used to connect it to the gun)
Picture 3: All of the pieces connected together

Step 5: The Handle

This is the gun's handle

Picture 1: You need to make two of each of these parts, then put them together as illustrated in picture 2

Step 6: Assembly

The final assembly of the gun, pay close attention to how each part is attached

Picture 1: The trigger and how to connect it
Picture 3: How to connect the handle to the body
Picture 4: A piece that makes the gun look more squarish
Picture 5: The completed gun

Step 7: Acknowledgements

i would like to acknowledge Big Z for the handle and trigger

I also acknowledge anyone who's ideas and or creations were used in this gun ( i did not mean to use anyone else's stuff)

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    6 Discussions

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cons- nothing too new, trigger is too far up the barrel. But still nice gun, 4*


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thx for the feedback, sry i didn't respond right away


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad, I will be looking forward to seeing your guns in the future.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, I guessed what N.A.S.A stood for before I got to the intro lol.

    Big Z
    Big Z

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Go Nick! And be sure to advertise, err, give me credit for the angled handle and trigger.