Project PARAGON K'nex Ball Machine





Introduction: Project PARAGON K'nex Ball Machine

This is my second K'nex ball machine. I finished construction about 4 months ago but only got around to posting now. It is a large ball machine that stands about 5 feet tall. There are a total of 15 elements on 5 different paths. It also features 4 of my own elements: the tilting path, the curved descent, the fork arm, and the tight rope. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about my ball machine. Enjoy!

Here is the video link:



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    I'm almost certain i've seen all of "your" elements before, in projects posted before 2010.

    I think I saw 2 of them in the BFF, which definitely came before this.

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    BFF, meant to say BBF (Big Ball Factory) sorry for typo.

    Also besides what I said previously your ball machine is very nice, nice use of elements and ball speed to produce an interesting set of tracks.

    Amazing! I love ball machines that don't shake. You should make an instructable on those new elements.