Project: Partial Laminate Flooring Installation

Introduction: Project: Partial Laminate Flooring Installation

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The floor in this London-based open office area has been flooded because of a washing machine leakage. As you can see from the pictures, the floor beneath the existing laminate is covered with mold. The leakage damaged just half of the flooring, causing the laminate to curve and puff up.
In case you are not completely sure what steps should be taken in order to deal with the mold, or you have no idea how to install laminate, better contact the nearest handyman service and ask for help and advice. I would suggest to ask for recommendations too. The quoting for a floor installation depends on numerous factors, including location, size of property, time frame, and image of the handyman. Self-employed handymen usually charge cheaper that the larger property renovation and maintenance companies and contractors.

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Step 1: Preparation and Measuring

When you are deciding the amount of planks needed to cover a room, first measure its width. To make the space look larger, place the planks parallel to the the main view of the room. Now measure the width of the wall perpendicular to this angle. Next, measure the width of the face of one laminate piece. Divide the first number by the second one, and you'll know the exact number of rows, and how wide you will have to cut the last row.

In our case, we are just replacing a part of the flooring, which means we already have the surrounding laminate planks and we just had to count them. No measuring needed.

Step 2: Underlayment Installation

When installing the underlay, make sure to follow the package instructions strictly, taping the seams carefully.

Here you can read government advices regarding termite-proofing and insulation of the flooring.

Step 3: Work in Progress

When installing the pieces, work in pyramid pattern.

Here you can see a few of the installed planks. They look great, right?

I will upload pictures of the finished project next week, when the project will be completed.

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