Project S.A.P.K.B.T

This is an instructable for a ball tower that uses a small amount of parts. I called it S.A.P.K.B.T because it stands for Small Amount Part Knex Ball Tower. At the moment, I know I have poor instructions but I'm letting anyone to create another instructable to give easier instructions. Anyway, enjoy!

Step 1: Parts

Fun time!!!! NOT..... Don't forget, you also need 1 med sized square and some roller coaster track :)

Step 2: Base Part 1

Just make. There are some extra pics for you :)

Step 3: Base Part 2

Copy from images.

Step 4: Motor Gear


Step 5: Motor


Step 6: Path Part 1


Step 7: Path Part 2


Step 8: Tower Part 1


Step 9: Tower Part 2

Sorry for the bad instructions in this step, I lost the main pic :'(

Step 10: Coaster Part 1

All one piece :)

Step 11: Coaster Part 2

1. make
2. make also
6. add
7. add
8. another view

Step 12: Chain


Step 13: Put It All Together

now the fun starts :)

Step 14: Hdghf




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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ball machines are getting so popular, soon their going to be the new blocck triggers. =p


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, i must say, like what you have done. The idea of a low use of parts is great! But the entire instructable is let down by low light pictures, and no where near enough description. You need to explain to people how to do things with words, just saying 'follow the pictures' is not enough.

    7 replies

    thanks for that but the low light pics, i really cant explain. when i have more time ill give better instructions, but right now, im working on mothers day. happy building! :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    If you look at my projects, i am a knexer also (see my laptop stand). Just because im one of the big regulars, dont tar me with the brush of hatred that they share! I have stuck up for you knexers many a time!