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This is a project iv been doing during free days iv had this summer. Iv always wanted to sail like my grandfather. I think I understand the concept but don't have the terminology or experience on sailing.

My first was unsuccessful. It had a 4 foot PVC mast  fitted into the drain hole. I held each side of the tarp sail with rope.

My second version went at speed of probably 4-5 mph.I didnt have a dagger-board so sterring was impossible. Iv now added one. The mast is about 6 and a half feet. Could be larger. I have pictures of this one rather then really explaining it.

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    Huh this is kinda cool. I am going to try to make a PVC Raft with a sail so Ill post pics if it works

    you need a sideboard, to get some grip, or a swimming you will go. Bur ir a hot day swimming cools you off. leeboards,daggerboard

    aca american canoe association started in lake george ny and was a pure canoe sailing club for many years, The lake in NY where i used to do a lot of my training ' has the canoe regatta every year, it is a dying art, after trying it i can see why! But they have fun and its a easy laid back aftern noon . Sugar island in the Thousand islands at the canada /NY border is the ACA sailing canoe hq.
    Many sailing canoes are decked so they resemble kayaks, and the flotation bags, make bailing a lot easier. The old sailing canoes are gorgeaus and usually in good shape, if not perfect.
    However a laser puts them to shame , and is much easier to sail, and more fun. Reminds me of the AMC and the Vanagoons??? at new paltz ny, The AMC thought going straight up the face of the mountain was improper, the V??? were guys like the original climbing hardware makers, they operated out of their vans and camped out, hippie climbers. today they are pantagonia, black diamond, cool history

    You will need a main sheet (line that allows you to move the boom) and i can't tell if you have a rudder from that picture.

    by leaning u can generally keep it straight. Iv given up the project for now because its to hard to control even with the centerboard i made


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think You may need a centre board or the sail won't have anything to pull against try one mounted to the side like a Dutch barge otherwise it will want to capsize as soon as it catches any cross wind, I suppose it will work for just goose necking but if You want to tack it may be tricky! nice design anyway

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Than you verry much. this is my introduction to sailing. I dont know much about it. I actually had a centerboard made from a lonely kayak paddle half that wasnt curved or anything. it didnt work though so im redesigning but iv been verry busy.