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Introduction: Project Sunshine - Cardboard and Fabric Paint

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This is a junk yard project that uses old cardboard boxes, newspapers and tissue papers. The only things that you actually have to buy are  copper and gold dust, black fabric paint, 1 medium (size 3-4) brush, 1 thin brush (size 2) , glue. And the stuff that you can pick up from your house are  thin cardboard, thick cardboard, jute, tissue paper and old newspapers.

As the title suggests, we are looking at making a sun. So, basically you need a circular center piece and flames or rays of the sun. To make it look more interesting, we can also add a thick 3D border to the center circle. We are going to color the sun gold and copper. On the center piece, you can chose to have any form of embellishment, like a sequin work ,a mirror, idol of deities, a sun face (you know&a sun with eyes, nose and smiling lips) etc. I chose to make an OM.

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Step 1: Preparation Stage

Cut newspaper into smaller bits. You will need loads and loads of this depending on your project size. Draw out a circle for the base on white paper. Lets say you make a circle of 10 cms for this. Its on this base that we are going to stick our flames, center piece and the ring.

For the center piece, cut out a circle of 8 cms radius.

You may choose to make a ring between this center circle and the flames or not. So depending on that, you have to cut out a ring for the circle on paper and since we already have the circles for the base and centerpiece, the ring will be 2 cms thick one.

Next we need to draw the flames. Here again, we have the choice of having flames of the same size, of random sizes or of 2 sizes to maintain symmetry. I chose to go with flames of 2 sizes and I will later arrange them alternately along the circle. So I cut out the shapes for the flames on the paper. Make sure the flames are big enough to suit your base circle of 10 cms radius. It will not look good if the flames are too small for the base. Also, we need to have extra 1 inch at the foot of the flame which will be used to stick the flames on the base. With this, our shapes are ready.

Step 2:

Trace out the circles, the ring and the flames in your cardboard. Circles on hard cardboard and the flames on thin one. Cut 8 small flames and 8 big flames so you can arrange 16 flames around your sun.

Now, dilute some fevicol (craft glue) in water. You have to mix the glue as you add it in water or the glue might not dissolve if you leave it in. we are going to make 3D flames. To make that, you have to dip the news paper strips and some crushed newspaper in this diluted glue and stick on the card board shapes. Leave the 1 inch gap in the flames at the bottom as this part will be used to stick it to the sun. It will get a little difficult to maintain the shape of the flame when you are doing this. But dont worry. We got the solution. After sticking enough newspaper, we will stick a last coat of tissue paper with undiluted glue. Cut the tissue paper into small strips and use it to seal the shape of the flames. This will not only give the shape but it will give a better texture than just newspaper. Give 2 coats of tissue paper if you want to. Dont be worried if the slightly watery glue is making the cardboard a little soggy. A little soggy is fine, but not too soggy. Leave the flames to dry in the sun. The watery glue will actually make the flames twist a little bit. This will make your flames look cooler.

Now for the ring we dont want it to twist and loose shape. So we will make a less watery glue mix to make the 3D ring. In similar fashion, stack up news paper strips and crushed news paper and then use the tissue paper in the end to give texture and shape. Dry this guy also out in the sun.

Step 3:

While our ring and flames are drying, lets make the center piece. To make the OM symbol, I used jute and stuck it in the center piece.
Stuck a sheet of tissue paper on it, taking care the shape of the OM symbol is clearly seen.

Step 4:

Then we have to paint it. As we discussed already, we are making a gold and copper sun. so we will use gold and copper dust to give our cardboard sun a metallic look. Paint the center piece with black fabric color. Then dip a dry brush in the copper/gold powder and gently blow the dust on to the paint. As the paint dries, the dust will stick on and give a nice metallic look. Complete the coloring with both colors. Allow paint to dry

Step 5:

Next step is to paint the dried ring and the flames in similar way. After its done, we will assemble it all on the base. Stick the extra 1 inch pad that we had given on the flames, on the back side of the base. On the front face, I have painted circles to mark the position of the center piece and the ring.

Step 6:

We have a nice looking sun to be put up on any wall. You can use double side sticking tapes to stick the base on to the wall.

I used my mobile to take the pictures so the actual sheen and looks have not come out very well.

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    Hi Brinda, Its really nice..... artistic piece.....!


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    this looks nice too.. very talented stuff...


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    I love it, it looks great. Putting a mirror in the centre would look really cool too.