Project Toggle State Light

Requirements :-

1 Intel Edison

1 light

1 Grove kit (Grove-LCD RGB Backlight)

1 Breadboard

1 ACS 712 30a

1 Relay board

1 light switch


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Step 1: Hardware Steps

1) prepare your Intel Edison with the latest yocto image

2) prepare the acs712 30a in breadboard

3) build a parallel connection using : light, relay board and acs712

4) Connect the jumpers in the breadboard and in relay board

5) Connect the jumpers in the breadboard and in Intel Edison (I use analogue A3 and digital07)

e.g.: In case of the digital 07 the jumper going to intel Edison from relay board

Step 2: Software Steps

1) download this zip file or use wget linux command

2) Using arduino IDE 1.6.5 (for Galileo and Edison platform) open the file

3) upload a file to Intel Edison board

4) OPEN in MENU : Tools > Serial Monitor and change in the bottom right of the screen: no line ending to carriage return i

5) Send number 5 to your Edison, you should be able to see the result on Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE

Step 3: Movie to Demonstration


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