Project'hour : Hack a LCD Clock Into a Projector Slide




Introduction: Project'hour : Hack a LCD Clock Into a Projector Slide

How to hack a LCD clock to project time through a slide projector.

For this Instructable, I chose the Photo Instructable because it would have made no sense to describe steps that wont be the same for you as you probably won't have the same LCD.
I'll do my best so you can understand how I did and so you can do something similar with whatever you'll find for lcd.

The goal is to include a transparent lcd in a slide frame.

Videos of the result.

A very interesting point is that the plastic frame changes the polarization of the light, which can be seen by adding a polarized filter, so that the plastic window is between this filter and the lcd screen.

About the contest.

Originally, I wanted to hack a clock mechanism by adding motors that would shift figures slowly to display time.
It would have been composed of 3 strips of transparent overhead projector sheet. ( H : M M )
Those sheets would unroll from the top, shift in the projector and roll in the bottom.

The problem was I couldn't master the signal out the quartz movement ( the small stepper motor) be cause I have no serious equipment to monitor it.
I tried to amplify the signal with transistors but I had too many noise and no usable signal.

So I thought about another way, the LCD.

But I still want to realise my first idea, and some equipment would be welcome!

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    4 Discussions


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction


    Yet, it makes a lot of noise for a clock. (because of the projector forced cooling)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If you use the device to see the hour at night, maybe you can use a littler lamp, that does not need cooling.

    Besides, if you turn it only some seconds each time, you can disconnect the fan.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    totally true! it wouldn't have time to over heat!

    but If was to use it at night, I think I would put some LEDs behind, and in the same time rebuild everyting to make it smaller, so it can fit on a table.