Projectile Motion

Introduction: Projectile Motion

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

-String (different amounts dependent on your problem)

-Yard Stick


-10 (or more) ping pong balls


Step 1: Step 2: Create Your Problem

Is it going to be displaying a drop, throw up or throw down problem?

We decided on a drop problem, so from that point you must decide your max height, time and velocity

Max height: 80 cm

Velocity: 5 m/s

Time: .0534

Step 2: Step 3: Use Desmos

Then using desmos ( formulate a graph (this will make it easier to find out points.

Step 3: Step 4: Finding Measurements

Then using your desmos graph you can find each exact point by finding the time and multiplying it by the point you on. Using you graph you can find the distance you need for each string.

Step 4: Step 5: Put Measurements Into Acton

In the next picture we have taken our meter stick and measured out 10 cm apart that way horizontally they are all evenly spaced because of the constant acceleration. Then lining our pipe up at 80 (because its our max height) we were able to find each individual point.

So starting at 80 we measured back to 0 and cut a line.

Then we taped the string to the pipe.

Then we continued by taping the ping pong ball to the end of the string.

Our net line we did the same thing except measuring to 18 cm, the next line 34 cm, and so on.

Until we arrived on our final result (Last Picture)

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    Good luck on your project :)