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Introduction: Projector Table

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Hello all instructable members,

This instructable is something
cool and very neat.
It is a project that every thing you
can find at home, but you will have
to buy a eyeclops mini

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Step 1: Get Your Items

The items you need are:
1. two speakers(it can be any thing tall but not to tall)
2. one mirror from a small waterfall thing
3. an eyeclops mini projector(witch is $69.99 from the toys r us website)
4. a dvd case(any one will do)
5. picture frame glass(be very careful DON'T CUT YOURSELF! it hurts)
6. and a piece of paper

Step 2: Start With the Speakers

First take the two speakers far apart but not to far.

Step 3: Put the Paper On

Take the paper and place it ontop off the glass in above the speakers.

Step 4: Add the Mirror

Now place the dvd box somewhere near the back and the lay the mirror on the long side of the box.

Step 5: Move the Projector in Place

Now you can move the projector in place. then adjust the angle and mirror
to get it on the paper.

Step 6: Wraping Up the Instructable

Last you can hook up the eyeclops to a video device, fix the mirror angle if needed and the projector angle to make the view on the paper as well as you can.

And thats it

Project made by electobri

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