Projects for Kids: How to Make a DIY 8 Pointed Ninja Star




Introduction: Projects for Kids: How to Make a DIY 8 Pointed Ninja Star

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Fellow Instructable Lovers! I bring for you an extraordinary Origami Art Paper Model and learn how to make a DIY 8 Pointed Ninja Star. An absolutely easy paper craft idea for kids, to make, this Origami Modular 8 Pointed Ninja Star is a sure success when it comes to easy paper crafts for kids. Origami Paper crafts are the most easiest of paper crafts for beginners. This Pretty looking DIY 8 Pointed Ninja Star can also be used as a home decoration idea and for your girls room decor too as a Wall Decor.In an attempt, to make such Fun DIY Paper Projects for kids.You learn different paper include different paper folding techniques using Origami.

Learn to make this super cool paper craft idea and watch the step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY 8 Pointer Ninja Star.

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Step 1: Material Required!

To make the Pretty looking Ninja Star, you have to take the following craft supplies:

Color papers





Decorative Stones

Step 2: Prepare the Paper!

To prepare the color papers to make those Ninja Star, you need to cut them in squares measuring 10 cm on each side.

Step 3: Let's Fold!

Take the paper square and fold to make 2 bisecting and 2 diagonal creases.

Fold the top two corners inwards using the middle crease.

Step 4: Keep Folding!

Fold the paper again and make the paper units for insertion.

Insert one paper unit in the opening flaps of the other and fold and lock them into each other.

Make 4 yellow and 4 Blue color Paper Units.

Watch the step by step tutorial on how to make the paper units.

Step 5: Frame Your Craft!

Continue to insert and lock the 8 paper units in alternating colors till you complete a circle.

Holding the circle firmly, pull out the paper units to get the Ninja Star.

Decorate with colored decorative Stone.

Step 6: Your Ninja Star Is Ready

Origami Crafts are so easy and so much fun to make and this DIY Handmade 8 Pointer Origami Ninja Star is an awesome Origami Paper Craft Idea that every kid would absolutely love to make, Encourage your kids to sharpen their creativity skills by learning Origami paper models and learning the Origami Art of Paper folding. This Modular DIY 8 Pointer Ninja Star is sure to fascinate the imagination of children.

Watch the step by step complete tutorials with instructions to learn how to make the 8 Pointer DIY Ninja Star!

Step 7:

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