Projects With SUGRU: a Brush Holder

Introduction: Projects With SUGRU: a Brush Holder

In my previous instructable i built a fold out project desk. The desk has a small shelf located above it that provides space to store tools and pieces from my current project when the desk is folded down, but it isn't good enough to store brushes. The brushes either roll of or get knocked off, so to combat this I turned to every hackers favourite substance SUGRU.

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Step 1: Surface

I needed a non stick surface to form the SUGRU on, I simply used a freezer bag. Yellow SUGRU was the choice of the day as it was simply the last packet i had left.

Step 2: Shaping

I shaped the SUGRU into a rectangle long enough to accommodate all my brushes. Each bush was carefully pressed in and given a lip to hold it in place. i cut away any excess from the sides.

Step 3: Setting

The SUGRU was left to set overnight and in the morning the brushes were carefully prised out. I used double sided tape to stick it to my Bookcase and the excess sugru i had from the previous night had been used to make a ergonomic support for my knife.

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