Prom Printable

Introduction: Prom Printable

If you have troubles finding ways to ask your girl to prom. You can make an awesome keepsake that she will adore.
There are tons on cheesy ways to ask a girl to prom, but if you have a modeling software and a 3D printer you will be able to ask any girl to prom.

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Step 1: Opening Blender

Download Blender, a free open source program that is available for both windows and mac.

Open the program and click on the side of the blender advertisement.

Step 2: Setting Up Models

Press Shift+C to center the cursor in the center so it is easier to rotate the model.

Press Shift+A to open up the shape menu. Go down and press "TEXT".

Hit Tab to edit the words. Delete the word "TEXT" and type "PROM" Hit tab again to stop editing the model.

Go to the left of the screen and slide the tool bar over till you see a white F button. Click it to model the Text Model.

Go down and next to the regular font, hit the folder and navigate through your files to find the font folder. Once you find a font that is both thick enough to print with and elegant, scroll down and hit align to center. At the same time go down a little further and change the distance of each letter from one another by making the number smaller on the "Spacing: Letter".

Step 3: Modeling

Go up on the same panel and hit extrude and type 3 or hit the arrow till it reaches 3. And if you want, change the resolution to 30.

Press the PROM model with the right button on your mouse, then type "X" to rotate it along the x axis. Finally type 90 to have it rotate 90degrees on the x axis.

STEP 10:
Copy the Model by pressing Ctr+C or on a mac command+C. Hit the button where it says ok? Then press Ctr+V command+V and press the ok button again. This will copy your model.

STEP 11:
Right click the other model that you duplicated with the right mouse button. Then Hit tab to edit the model. Instead of prom have the other one say like 2014 or 2015 o 2016 depending g the year that you have prom.

Step 4: Cut Cutting Out Words

STEP 12:
Go to Objects in the bottom left hand corner and click the button that says convert to mesh. Make sure that you have the model clicked before this with the right mouse button. (Sometimes the font isn't good so it will form holes in the text. Just undo and choose a different font.)

STEP 13:
Once you have all of the letters touching one another go a button over from the white F and hit the blue wrench. Once you click it, add a modifier called Boolean. (If you have holes in this model you can fix it or just get a new font.)
Press the Boolean to and hit text. Then apply the boolean
Press the other object and add the Boolean modifier and Boolean it to the other text object.

STEP 14:
Go the the left of the screen and press flat instead of smooth.

Step 5: Final Steps

STEP 15:
Add a base (Shift+A) and use (S) to scale the cube to make a base. Export it as a .stl so it can be printable. The file also needs to have supports while printing.

STEP 16:
Clean up the model from the support and ask your girlfriend to PROM.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    There is now way that someone can say no after making something this cool. If it both creative and a one of a kind prom gift.
    HAHAHA..... SHE SAID YES!!! :P