Prop, Fake Blood

Introduction: Prop, Fake Blood


Fake Blood:

Vegetable Oil (doesn't really matter which kind you use so long as it is non-volatile)

Red (Magneta) Ink jet toner


Stirring instrument (I used a paper straw)

Disposable Paper Plate

Paper Towel(s)

Seal-able Container (I used an old spice bottle, not the best choice due to poor seal-ability but it was what was on hand)

Hunger Management:

Apple, should this instructable take so long that it eclipses one of your meals, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, afternoon tea, brunch, midnight snack, lupper, or any other meal time.

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Step 1: Mixing It Up! (Step 1 of 3)

First: Fold your sheet of paper in half to create a crease, then unfold it and lay it on your paper plate.

Next, slowly poor the ink toner out (warning, it tends to send up puffs of toner and stick to Everything due to its light nature)

Thirdly, once the toner is on the paper, carefully fold the paper along its previous crease and slowly lift it up above the plate so that you have room to place your container on the plate.

Now, gently tilt the folded paper to pour the toner into the bottle.

Once finished, refold the paper and place it on the plate with the bottle on top. (This is done in case more toner is needed, that way the work area doesn't get covered in toner. Now on to the next step!)

Step 2: Mixing It Up! (Step 2 of 3)

The next stage is adding the oil.

The key here is not to add just the right amount of oil.

Too little and it will be chunky and your mix will look more like bloody flour, too much and you have red water.

Therefore, add oil, mix, check consistency. Add small amounts of the oil at first. I found that it is much easier to add more oil than it is to add more powder.

When the consistency will pool on your finger a bit, it is just about perfect!

Step 3: Mixing It Up! (Step 3 of 3)

If you did test the mixture on your hand, and don't want to finger paint with it, just run it under some luke warm water.

Next try dripping it onto your piece of paper (if it passes the finger test, otherwise your powder pourer will be dirty and need replacing).

If you like what you have then you're done!

Congratulations on making your Halloween Prop! Go
have some fun impress some folks with your awesome inventiveness!

Warnings Section:

Be sure to store this fake blood in A SEALED CONTAINER! I made the mistake of this and it leaked out in my bag when I was transporting it. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE! Blood Does Not Like To Be In A Garlic Powder Bottle. It Wants OUT!

Also, do not eat the fake blood or put it where it can get into your eyes. I do not know how safe this is to remain on the skin for extended periods of time so please use your noggin and be careful!

Lastly, be sure to double or triple bag any remaining powder you have if you plan to keep it. The particles are very fine, and easily stain and spread! Even dropping the bag from your hand will poof particles into the air if the bag is open!

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