Propane Nightmares - Trumpet Fire Organ

Introduction: Propane Nightmares - Trumpet Fire Organ

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This is an entry to a contest, because I'm not rich.
1 - Use of prize money. I've got a spreadsheet going for materials costs, and of course I'll want fuel to tow this thing around to events and buy the propane to fire it up. $25K minus taxes will be about right to build a 2-octave version of my idea of a flaming trumpet organ. It will be expandable so that later i can add another octave(s) or a shift function that fires a larger (deeper sounding) horns instead of the base herald trumpet. It can be automated, so that a computer can control the notes via MIDI (for concerts or shows). I've been mulling this idea around for years, held back by the cost.
2 - Age eligibility for my original (but not "home") state of CA - i was born February 10th, 1978. i'm old school, yo.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'd like to see the front row of the audience issued with long toasting forks and slices of bread...

    Fun with propane! Here in the bay area we have a lot of people playing with propane for Burning Man type projects. Always fun and a little scary.