Propeler Cap From Nothing


About: 18yo Electronic and mechanic student from FRANCE !!! Let's have fun and stay crazy

Fullfil your dream with this easy to build proppeler cap !!! And Feel the différence !

Step 1: Prepare Your Motor

I got my motor from an old computer fan, it s a 12v one but still work at 5v , then the main advantage is its weak current consumption that provide great lenght of use. I first broke the legs between the structure and the motor, then each part of the propeler branch

Step 2: Hack Your Cap !

By the way the cap need to be prepared too, i Just set wholes at the bottom of it, then forced the motor to be fixed in the tissue . You also had to set a switch an a battery holder with strings

Step 3: Set Your New Propeller !!

I Just cut my new propeler from an old workbook and screwed it on the glued screw at the bottom of the motor. Enjoy it !!!



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