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Introduction: Propolis for You, Bee Antibotics

Honeybees are amazing creatures.

An average beehive contains more than 20,000 individuals.

If we were to live under the same conditions as the honeybees do, we would literally be dropping like flies. Yet, in those overcrowded conditions the honeybee thrives, as long as there are no manmade dangers that is...

How is it that the honeybee can not only live, but thrive in conditions that would normally cause disease and death among so many other species? One word "Propolis".

Propolis is collected by the honeybees from a variety of tree sap sources, mixed with honey, pollen and only nature knows what, but it contains a variety of beneficial nutrients, and is anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral in nature!

They coat all surfaces of the hive with propolis and use it as glue to hold everything together. Should something line a rodent try to invade the beehive, it will be stung to death, however it is too big for the clean up bees to remove. So they coat the entire mouse in propolis, rendering it safe within the hive, and in effect mummifying the rodent so that it does not undergo the typical decaying process, which would put the hive at risk.

Propolis Tincture has been shown to be extremely beneficial as a natural immune system booster and a great source of macro-nutrients that are often deficient in our diets.

Step 1: How Is PropolisTincture Made?

First thing you need to gather enough propolis to create a tincture with, this is done in a couple of ways.
You can use a "propolis trap" there are several commercially made, but I just use a piece of plastic window screening to collect propolis from a healthy beehive. Simply open your healthy beehive.

To do this safely you need some simple beekeeping equipment

  • Bee suit with veil
  • bee smoker
  • bee gloves
  • and of course your propolis trap

Light your smoker and put on your bee suit, veil and gloves, then lightly smoke your hive to calm the honeybees. Open the beehive and do your usual hive inspection to insure the hive is healthy, then place your propolis trap on the top of the frames in the uppermost box and then place your inner cover and lid, then leave the honeybees alone. Each time you inspect your hive, you will check your propolis trap to see how much propolis or bee glue the bees have covered it with. Once you feel you have enough propolis on your propolis trap you can remove it from the beehive and place it into the freezer. When it is frozen enough, you can open up a large kitchen trash bag, and place your propolis trap inside and start crunching it around with your hands to break up the propolis and remove it from the screen. Now that you have your propolis it is time to break or cut it up into pieces that are no larger than a pea, but I like them a little smaller myself.

The smaller the particles of propolis the better your tincture will be.

Step 2: Making the Tincture

Place your propolis pieces into a canning jar

Get some everclear or other high proof vodka and pour it into the jar over your propoilis until it is covered about a 1/2 inch over the top of the propolis. Seal the jar, then label it as propolis and the date, then place into a dark cool cupboard. Every day, you want to give the jar a good shake to mix up the propolis and alcohol. Do this for about 14 days or longer if you can.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

After at least 14 days have passed you can strain the contents of the jar thru a paper coffee filter, then pour the product, now tincture, into dark bottles, lable and date. You now have propolis tincture, but the strength depends on the alcohol you used to make it. If you were able to get 90 proof everclear then your tincture would be a 75% propolis tincture.

I use a simple set up to strain the propolis

I put a paper coffee filter into a funnel and then place that into a clean jar, then just pour the entire contents of the propolis jar slowly thru the strainer and allow to drain completely.

What you are left with is a brownish sticky and oddly sweet smelling liquid that is packed full of health benefits.

Natures pharmacy in a jar!

Step 4: How Do You Take Propolis Tincture Once It Is Finished?

Now you can place a few drops into a drink once or twice a day to reap natures benefits.

Personally, I can say that my experience using home made 75% propolis tincture has been amazing!

But your results of course may vary.

This is a holistic product and I make no medical claims, only cite my own personal experience. What you do with this information is up to you, but I am in now way responsible for your outcome. As with any holistic product, consult with your doctor before giving it a try, and discontinue immediately if you notice any unusual symptoms or allergic reaction.

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