Prosthetic Arm From Foam Board



Introduction: Prosthetic Arm From Foam Board

This instructables describes how i made a prosthetic arm from foam board.In these days i was learning about 3-d printed prosthetic arms, and i decided to make a prototype of prosthetic arm .After a bit of brainstorming , I chosen foam board,because it is the best material to build any prototypes.

Lets get started.......

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Step 1: Materials Used:

  1. foam board
  2. fevikwik- Instant adhesive
  3. cotton swabs
  4. rubber bands
  5. thread
  6. screw

Step 2: Design:

Step 3: Cutting

By using a hobby knife i cut foam board as per the design.

Step 4: Finger Tip Design:

I used instant adhesive to combine different foam board pieces.

Step 5: Connecting Fingertip With Proximal Phalanx

In every joints i inserted cotton swab tubes to get partial revolution.

Step 6: Construction of Palm:

Step 7: Assembling Parts:

To make holes on foam board i used heated steel pin.

I inserted rubber band to get elastic action to the fingers.

I tied threads to the tip of finger and by pulling it we can move the finger.

Step 8: Done

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