Protect Your 3D Printer- Build a Laser Cut and 3D Printed Enclosure

     At my high school, a 3d printer was recently donated to our Project Lead The Way (PLTW) program by Lulzbot. The printer is an excellent addition to the classroom, as our other printer was beginning to show signs of age and began to have technical difficulties. Since the printer was to be set up and used in a classroom, It was decided that an enclosure would help to provide protection to the machine, as well as make it safe and easy to transport around the school for events (Such as a student information night). I designed and built this enclosure as one of my class projects.
  1. My requirements for the enclosure:
  2. Provide a protective cover for the printer
  3. Allow access to all neccessary components
  4. Use hardware available at most hardware stores
  5. 3d print any components needed that had to be custom
  6. Keep the cost minimal

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    hi, what kind of connectors did you use to connect all the enclosure? cheers.